Upward Technology Is B Corp Certified

The B Corp movement is centered around the conviction that businesses can be a force for good.

We believe that companies can be great to their employees AND minimize their environmental impact AND do business in an ethical and transparent way AND still be successful, make money, and build wealth.

This philosophy has helped guide our decision-making since our beginning, but getting our B Corp Certification in September 2017 meant a lot to us. It motivates us to continue to become better every year and to set clear parameters for improvement.

What Does it Mean to
a Certified B Corp?

To earn a B Corp Certification, a company must:

  • Complete a rigorous B Impact Assessment to evaluate how the company’s operations impact its workers, community, environment, and customers
  • Meet the B Corp legal requirements
  • Continue to meet B Corp standards in order to renew the certification every 3 years

What this Means for
Upward Technology

For us, being a B Corp means using our certification to become a better company. It has helped us:

  • Hire and keep the best talent
  • Contribute to our local community in meaningful ways
  • Measurably reduce our environmental footprint
  • Participate in the wonderful B Corp community in Portland, OR

Our Commitments

We are committed to becoming a better business every day, with a focus on doing good for our community, the environment, and our employees.

Our Community

We love the Portland area and the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Each year, we commit to donating 200+ hours of our individual and collective time volunteering for causes that benefit our community and the environment. As a team, we’ve volunteered for incredible organizations like SOLVE Oregon, Friendly House, and the Oregon Food Bank. Individual employees have spent time volunteering with their churches, political campaigns, and nonprofits.

The Environment

We are dedicated to helping preserve the beautiful environment that we all share. We’ve been able to do our part by:

  • Offsetting thousands of miles with electric driving
  • Adjusting our policies to be more flexible for voluntary telecommuting
  • Reaching 1000+ miles of carpool commuting
  • Removing hundreds of pounds of garbage from our local neighborhood
  • Installing LED lighting to 40% of our space

Our Employees

We care about our team and the experience they have with Upward Technology. To create a better workplace for our employees, we have:

  • Expanded our disability coverage
  • Hired an HR management company to ensure consistency in our employee support
  • Increased our office space to provide a better, more comfortable experience for employees
  • Instituted a significant bonus program that benefits team performance
  • Begun contributing an additional 3% of salary to each employee’s 401(k) every year

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Upward Technology is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in our workforce, especially since information technology is an industry where these values aren’t always prioritized. Our team is comprised of incredibly skilled and hardworking people who represent diverse ethnicities, nationalities, religions, sexual orientations, veteran status, and political perspectives.

How We Continue to Move Upward

For us, an important aspect of being a B Corp and an ethical company is continuing to grow and move forward toward a set of goals that deepens our commitment to being a force for good. Our goals are:

  • To continue to improve employee experience at Upward Technology
  • To increase our donations in dollars and time to charities
  • To develop carbon offset programs for all supported devices
  • To continue and expand our program for recycling client hardware

We are proud and honored to maintain our B Corp Certification, and we love working together to donate time and money to important, worthwhile causes. With a team of people as motivated and caring as ours, it’s easy to improve and become a better company as Upward Technology continues to grow and expand.