Managed IT Services

SMBs today have a broad spectrum of IT needs, from fully managed support to co-managing IT between an in-house team and external provider, but all point to technology as mission critical.

Your IT team has to do more than keep things running, they must keep you secure and help you improve the return on your technology investment.

Upward has built one-of-a-kind tools and processes that help you understand your technology ecosystem, then manage it more effectively to help you build a better business.

Upward Technology

State of Information Technology

Leveling the playing field

Almost every Managed Service Provider in our industry uses one of the same two or three software platforms to run their business. These tools allow them to manage tickets, alerting, projects and billing from a singular platform. The problem is, these tools aren’t very good and force every MSP to run their business the exact same.

Upward has built a unique, one-of-a-kind platform that empowers your business with more transparency about the effectiveness of your IT support & the health and status of your digital world.

The result: Your business becomes a co-author of your IT destiny, able to manage your IT function more easily and ensure you get maximum ROI from your IT investment.

Before Digital Transformation


Enterprises invested heavily in technologies and the expensive IT staff required to innovate and provide a superior experience. 

Small and midsized businesses struggled to keep up, relying on low-tech and high-touch solutions to survive.

After Digital Transformation


The cloud and digital transformation tools allow small and midsized companies to offer employees and clients enterprise-level solutions and experiences with relatively modest investments. The key is good strategic planning.

Today’s Opportunity

Upward Technology

We follow a rigorous process to ensure we understand your business needs and build a comprehensive roadmap to move you forward.

Small and Midsize Businesses have an opportunity to use Enterprise-grade technology tools to vault themselves forward in the market. Most companies fail to actualize on this opportunity because they don’t have an IT partner and team that are built to unlock these opportunities.

Upward has built a unique one-of-a kind platform and processes that empower your business with more transparency and insight into the effectiveness of your IT support and the health and status of your digital world.

The result: Your business becomes a co-author of your IT destiny, able to manage your IT function more easily and ensure you get maximum ROI from your IT investment.

Our Services

Available a la carte or as a package for companies from 20 employees to 500.

Our clients get more out of our partnerships because we offer more than anyone else.

Upward Core Services

Ancillary Services

  • Internet & Phone Line Services
  • Website Design, Changes, & Adjustments
  • Website, DNS Hosting Services

Specialty Software, Printers, Phones, & 3rd Party Services

Upward Technology acts as general contractor for all technology in your ecosystem. We have systems and process to allow us to effectively support all the key systems and relationships supporting your business.

Certifications & Capabilities

  • Microsoft Gold Partner – eligible through high-threshold of technical certifications and licenses under management.
  • Microsoft CSP partner – able to sell Microsoft 365 licensing and Microsoft Azure cloud services directly to customers.
  • SonicWALL Silver Partner (also a Certified Fortinet partner)
  • HP Premier Distributor – volume discounts on HP products
  • Certified Partner for reselling Lenovo, Microsoft Surface & Dell equipment
  • Keeper Security – Password Vault Reseller

SharePoint, Power BI and Power Automate

Every business that uses Microsoft 365 has access to harness the incredible power of SharePoint, Power BI and Power Automate to improve their business.

SharePoint can be used to create a centralized intranet homepage for your company that can improve the way you communicate with your team and share information. Imagine beautiful dashboards and intuitive, search-driven file searching right from the same Microsoft portal everyone is already in.

Reach out to us today to request a free demonstration of the pros and cons of these incredible systems.

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