SMB’s today need a variety of roles and skills to maintain a stable, secure and scalable business. Technology is mission critical for success.

Our fanatical approach to partnership and our unique tools and processes make us the best team in the market to extend your companies digital vision, expertise and capabilities to engineer your full potential. 


Partnership Models

Co-Managed IT

Co Managed IT

Connect us to your in-house IT resources to compliment your teams vision, enhance bench strength and accelerate results. Our systems are custom built to give you unparalleled insight and transparency over your entire IT function. 

75+ person companies

24/7/365 support needs

Multiple offices

Complex, Integrated technology needs

Want technology to help them be more competitive

Fully Managed IT

Let Upward partner with you to take your technology to the next level- we bring the vision and the skill to make tech easy, relatable and most of all, powerful.

20-100 person companies

24/7/365 support needs

Need transparency and self-sufficiency from the IT function

Want technology to help them be more competitive


Managing business risk starts with business conversations, deep domain expertise and a fanatical focus on keeping you safe without adding bloat or breaking the bank.

Cybersecurity Gap Assessments for companies of all sizes

Managed Security Services Programs to accelerate risk mitigation

CIS 18, CMMC and NIST compliance expertise

Upward combines world-class talent and technology to create business solutions that help our clients become a better business.

Upward Technology
Stabilize Secure Scale

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