Why Upward?

We’re confident that we can offer you a better return on your technology investment than anywhere else, and we want to show you how.

Why work with a managed services provider?

Technology isn’t just another necessary business expense anymore—it’s creating new business goals.

“In the past, IT was more of an afterthought, an expense to be minimized. It was the tactical means to a more strategic business goal. Now, technology is spawning new business goals, ideas and even new business strategies. According to our research survey, 37% of SMB respondents listed ‘advances in technology’ in their top 3 most significant external factors shaping their business goals. SMB leaders should and are beginning to elevate information technology to the status of strategically critical.”

 – Anthony J. Bradley, Gartner, November 2017

Technology is changing business faster than ever, and your company needs a partner who can deliver a complete technology solution that’s scalable enough to grow as your business does. Upward Technology does that better than anyone else in the market. We optimize for today while building a technology roadmap to your future business goals.

Why choose Upward Technology?

Our tools and services are designed to meet the needs of small and midsize businesses. Not only are our solutions affordable and easy to use, but they’re also specifically created to align with your business strategy and contribute to your long term success.

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    Help Desk Services

    Our help desk and managed services bring the best technology and the best people to help when you need it by combining simplified technology with superior customer service and communication at every level.

    Software Development

    If existing software isn’t meeting your business needs, we’ll develop custom software that does. We pride ourselves on creating low-cost, high-value software that removes obstacles and connects the dots for small and midsize businesses.

    Cybersecurity Services

    Cybersecurity is more important than ever before, but our risk management solutions extend beyond rock-solid cybersecurity protection. We also help you plan your data policies to ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

    Cloud Solutions

    Our cloud expertise comes from the tools and applications we use internally. From hosted IP phones to Skype for Business, we recommend cloud communication solutions that we know work based on our own internal experience.

    Project Management

    The more a business grows, the more essential project management becomes. Deadlines, budgets, and larger team sizes mean you’ll need advanced tools for task planning and tracking, progress reports, oversight, and more.

    B Corp Certified

    We believe a business can be a force for good and can achieve success through ethical and transparent practices. That’s why we take the extra time to be a conscientious business that contributes to the wonderful community of Portland, OR.

    Passionate, Innovative, Progressive, Committed

    Read more about what we do and how we turn sophisticated, complex technologies into simplified, easy-to-use tools that boost your bottom line.

    You will not find a team more fanatical about your long term success and committed to this local community than Upward Technology. Partner with us and start redefining what’s possible.

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    “[We appreciate] your willingness to think out of the box and show us a new solutions that would make our business better and actually fit into our budget.”

    Pam Power, Impact Sign Company

    “Since 2010, Upward Technology has been an outstanding resource for our organization’s technology needs. Their staff is friendly, welcoming and quick to help with any requests. Upward truly has our organization’s best interest in mind, putting emphasis on security, budget conscious decisions and forward thinking. We appreciate all that they do!”

    Nicole McDonald, Director of Finance & Operations, Children's Cancer Association

    “Upward has been with PHAME for several years now as an integral partner in improving our IT systems and processes, and providing excellent support and service..”

    Stephen Marc Beaudoin, Executive Director, PHAME