With help, SMB’s can do big things this world — not just survive, but thrive.

Upward helps you realize what's possible with technology. We revolve the whole big tech world around your mighty company. We make digital problems small and people opportunities big.

Upward has a unique formula that empowers effective IT partnerships:

A tenured, passionate and engaged team using a unique and powerful platform that delivers transparency and flexibility like no other.

The People

Part of our core values is taking fantastic care of our people. This starts by hiring the most talented, passionate and empathetic people, then giving them the tools to do their best work.  

The result of our dedication to our people is extremely low voluntary turnover, great engagement and an entire team focused on going the extra mile for our clients. 

Upward Technology

The Platform

To help you realize what’s possible with technology, including information to effectivity, monitor, and plan in real time, we built our system from the ground up.

The Result

We bring your strategic IT roadmap into alignment with passionate people delivering exceptional experiences, underpinned by an unrivaled management platform. Your business gets more control over your IT operations, better transparency on the return on investment and the opportunity to use technology to build a better business.

Upward Methodology


The environment is stable and functional, enabling employees to do their best work and minimizing disruptions.


Business risk and compliance has been appropriately considered and mitigation efforts are aligned with the risk appetite of the business.


Technology is an enabler that helps the business do better work and grow more quickly. 

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