tech cook bookAs we enter the 4th quarter of 2015, many business owners and managers are beginning the process of looking out to the next year and budgeting for expenses both above and below the line of their Profit and Loss Statements. As the economy continues its hot streak, we are seeing technology come up more and more as a key area of concern for growing businesses. This concern is typically related to infrastructure or leverage, and sometimes both. Infrastructure is the hardware and software systems that underpin all other technology. It’s generally the boring stuff that includes the firewall, switches, wiring, server, wireless network, Office 365 Email, and other related components. Leverage refers to the applications or systems that can be brought in once the infrastructure is stable to enhance the functionality or productivity of the people who use them. This is the fun stuff and includes solutions to eliminate redundant data-entry, help teams communicate more effectively, create competitive advantages, revamp unproductive software, etc. The combination of infrastructure and leverage that a client will invest in is what we term their cookbook (or roadmap). If we understand the business thoroughly and plan effectively, this recipe can create great results. If a client doesn’t have a clear plan, the results end up much like a recipe with vague ingredients and quantities.


During the great recession, many companies deferred technology investments in order to use working capital on more vital functions like keeping the rent paid and staff employed. Many businesses have still not caught up with their basic IT infrastructure to a point where it is stabilized and scalable. At Upward, this is phase one of any relationship. We can be a facilitator for rapid growth within our customers, but only after they have a solid, stable platform to enhance. Following an assessment of the current state of the systems, we help our clients create a road map with timelines and budgets for investing in their systems to bring them up to speed.


For one of our clients, security is a serious concern, they have investors and stakeholders information in their hands that would have disastrous effects if breached. So we are constructing a security recipe that covers all the potential contingencies that could arise, then phasing them in according to the budget.

For another client, an aging inventory system (run largely on Excel) requires duplicate entry into databases, lots of manual verification and few checks and balances. We are designing a custom database driven system that will allow them to run their business exactly how they need to.

Whether you are in the Infrastructure or Leverage phase in your business cycle. Upward can create a clear and effective plan to accelerate your business. Contact upward today to begin creating your technology cookbook for 2016.