In 2016 we closed over 5,000 tickets and completed over 500 projects for our clients!

As we tie up what has been a phenomenal 2016 and look into 2017, we here at Upward Technology wanted to share some changes taking place with you: our valued customers and affiliates.

New Hours:

With newly proposed Federal guidelines regarding overtime, we have taken a hard look at how to turn this into an opportunity to improve our service for all of our clients. We are adjusting our hours with the intent of providing better coverage during the times our clients need us the most. Our service desk will be open 8am-5pm Monday-Friday for all regular ticketing requests. For emergencies and higher priority issues, we have tactical policies in place to handle after hours support.

Do you occasionally need support before 8 am or after 5 pm on a weekday? No problem, there will be no new charges, please contact your Account Manager for details!

Home User Policy:

With today’s distributed workforce, more and more of our customers are working from home and blurring the lines between their personal and professional digital devices. Not surprisingly, we are being asked more and more to help users connect their personal or home devices to work resources. As you might imagine, working on a user un-managed personal devices can open up quite a can of worms for us, and clear expectations are critical! To view and save our Home User Policy please click on this link for a downloadable.PDF

Desktop Deployment Timelines

Our standard window for deploying a new machine is 10 business days. Please help us deliver on-time and on-budget by giving us this much lead time anytime a new employee is starting or there is a new machine needed. Why in the heck does it take so long? Read our detailed blog post on everything that goes into building a new workstation!

A breakdown:
1-2 days for spec’ing the machine, evaluating applications and approving the quote.
3-6 days for shipping & receiving.
2-3 days for the build, configuration and setup (believe it or not there are over 5 labor hours we spend on every build!).
2-3 days for delivery coordination & scheduling.

We have decided to stock a machine in inventory for “rush” jobs. If you need a machine urgently, we will be able to utilize our inventory and get it installed much more quickly.


New Ticketing System

In early 2017 you will see correspondence from Upward about the rollout of our new ticketing system. We want to provide you the best service experience possible and thought that buying an off-the-shelf solution would hinder this mission long-term, so we built our own. We think this software will be a game-changer, and will significantly improve your service experience. Expect more details and a roll-out date in the next month.

Cheers and thank you again for your partnership. We love what we do and are committed to being the best in the business!