We recently went through the fun and interesting process of creating a video about Upward. It was an opportunity for us to condense our values, culture and great client relationships into a brief vignette. The process was interesting for us, and allowed us to evaluate what we felt was the most meaningful way for us to spend two minutes of a viewers time. Check it out:

Upward Logo from Video

So, what did we learn through the process?

As an IT Services Company, we have a lot of peers and competitors (at last count, something like 150 in Portland Metro alone!), but we do some things differently from others in our industry.

  • We manage our business closely to our values and we aren’t afraid to evolve them as we evolve as a team.
  • We hold ourselves to the highest standard of integrity.
  • Embrace creativity as the engine of progress.
  • Exceptional processes and systems.
  • Ambition for excellence.

We treat these values as central tenets of our professional and personal lives, and frequently make decisions and choices that reference and rely on them for guidance. We expect that anyone on our team to use them as a meaningful lens to take care of customers, ensure we are being as ambitious as we can be, and maintaining the highest standard of integrity. In the past year we have seen calls to potentially expand and enhance them, and we hope to do so as the need arises.

  • Our relationships with our customers runs far beyond a solid technical understanding of the clients computers, servers and network gear.

We believe that the least we can do is make sure every client has a solid, secure and productive platform to work and grow their businesses. This is not easy, but it is a prerequisite to everything else. We believe that once we have achieved this, we have an opportunity, in partnership with the client, to look for ways that we can leverage technology to help the client build a better organization. And we have some tricks up our sleeve that allow us to help clients in ways that few other vendors can.

  • We see ourselves as a change agent rather than just as an outsourced vendor.

Including but not limited to technology, we believe that we have the opportunity to be a positive force in our local community, both in our environmental consciousness and our involvement with groups that need help.

Whether you are already a customer or vendor, or are reading this because you are interested in who we are, here is a video about Upward that we are proud of.

If you are interested in learning more about Upward, please contact us.