Without question, it is a unique time right now, with both more and less to do in almost every way. As the days seem to flow from one into the next, it can be helpful to step back and consider how you will look back on this time in retrospect. How will you have grown, how will you have changed, how will you be better prepared to make the most of the opportunities it hands us?

As a user of technology, you likely interface with a handful of familiar tools day-in, day-out like Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, OneNote and PowerPoint. In fact, research suggests most corporate workers spend between 5-7 hours in front of their computer each day, much of which in front of one or more of these tools.

Advancing your skills with these tools can be a great way to emerge from this experience more productive and professional than ever. Here is a training course that can help you hone your foundational technology skills to help you get more done in a day, forget less, track more simultaneous initiatives and analyze data more effectively.



“I have used Microsoft Office for years, why do I need more training for a tool I already use every day?”


Most users never scratch the surface of the capabilities of these digital tools they use every day. There are thousands of thoughtful features, tips and hacks that can literally save dozens of hours every year for the average user (all those clicks and key strokes really add up over time!) This may be a great time to invest in up-leveling your skills to become a better professional and get more done every day!


The following paths are related to the 2016 Microsoft Office suite. Many users utilize the current 2019 version, but we think that 2016 will benefit the most users regardless of the version they use.

We recommend selecting 1 or 2 courses to start for the tools you use most often. Try out some of these skills for a week or two and see if they help you become a stronger professional. Keep going if they do! Remember, the benefits you get will be incremental and mostly minor. It is a game of inches!


Before you start:

  • You will need access to a library card
    • If you live in Multnomah County and do not have one, sign up for one here. It is free, quick and provides access to enormous volumes of (otherwise expensive) training content:



Learning Paths: 

–        Office 2016 New Features


–        Word 2016 Essential Training


–        Excel 2016 Essential Training


–        Outlook 2016 Essential Training


–        PowerPoint 2016 Essential Training


–        OneNote 2016 Essential Training

o   https://support.office.com/en-us/article/onenote-video-training-1c983b65-42f6-42c1-ab61-235aae5d0115?wt.mc_id=otc_home


–        OneDrive Training


–        Microsoft Teams training videos


–        Office for Mac 2016 New Features


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