Amidst the massive tidal wave of news we have all been immersed in over the course of 2020, many have likely missed an important liner-note that has serious implications: cybersecurity threats have been skyrocketing and companies of all sizes are falling victim while they are most vulnerable.

Cyber-criminals and syndicates are ruthless opportunists, and the pandemic-driven, work-from-home workforce creates fertile hunting grounds. Amidst all this uncertainty and the inevitable long-hours, business leaders must focus only on what is most pragmatic and achievable. For cybersecurity, here is a very basic 3 item punch list that any and every business should prioritize:

Basic Cybersecurity and Spearphishing training for all users

This is a topic we have frequently blogged on in the past. This link will take you to an article you can share with your team.

Or if you would like to gamify the training, have your team take this quiz, developed by Google. Offer a prize for any one who can get a perfect score.

Password Management Solution

A Password Management solution like Keeper is one of the most effective tools available to protect access to your sensitive data. It allows corporate passwords to be organized, segregated and centrally controlled. No more sharing with sticky notes or emails! Tight password management was a problem before the pandemic, but with workers dispersed everywhere, you must be sure that access to your critical corporate systems is protected.

This link will explain more depth what a password management solution does. Please reach out to Upward if you are interested in discussing implementing it.

Multifactor Authentication

If you still haven’t employed Multifactor Authentication in your environment you are behind and vulnerable! It is the single most effective solution to avoid having your environment compromised.

Learn more here

If you still don’t use Multifactor Authentication in your environment, please reach out today to discuss.