Today marks our first full day with our brand new help desk system. It’s been rolled out to all of our clients and so far the reviews have been tremendously positive!

Why did we decide to make our own custom help desk portal?

  • We believe that delivering a unique and superior experience requires unique and superior tools.
  • We believe strongly in the importance of customizing important systems collaboratively with our customers, and Atlas will evolve based largely on the feedback you give us!

Our long-term goal for this solution is to make it the hub for all things technology for our clients. As it evolves, customers will be able to both manage day-to-day tasks and gain unique and transparent insights into the overall roadmap, efficiency, assets & health of their technology systems.

The most basic functions of this solution will be managing tickets, projects and an expanding knowledge base for referencing self-help solutions for many common issues.

What improvements have been made?

Here are the major highlights of release 2.0:

  1. Simple, better looking and more intuitive home page
  2. Project visibility! So you can see your list of current projects and their status.
  3. A single, simple question at the end of every ticket: how do you think we did?
  4. Active and expanding knowledge-base to help some users get help more quickly.
  5. Access to the system from a mobile device: view or submit tickets from anywhere!

The most lasting and probably best benefit is that we essentially have a direct way to change anything in the system that our clients don’t like or add features to it pretty much anytime. On top of us being experts in the systems that we support such as workstations, servers, firewalls, etc… with this new data-driven system, we are experts in the software we use to record, document, and track the service we provide and constantly want to improve on!

Want to know more about the system, request a demo, or talk about how Upward Technology can take your business to the next level with our IT services? Contact us today!