Should we make or buy our ERP software?

Having scalable, elegant infrastructure is a critical success factor for most fast-growing companies. Specifically, having one system that can be used to manage daily operations, projects, operational and financial reporting, and sales opportunities allow organizations to grow more smoothly and consistently because it will allow them to maintain a consistent perspective on all the facets of the business simultaneously.

With clear information, department and company leaders can quickly assess the health of different departments as they interrelate, and more easily identify trends and patterns that correlate to critical success factors. These systems are usually called Enterprise Resource Planning programs, or ERP’s.

ERP’s are traditionally very expensive, starting around $50,000, and therefore reserved for companies with a minimum of 100+ employees. However, with the advent of cloud infrastructure, simpler programming languages and cheaper more flexible platforms like Microsoft Sharepoint, they are now accessible to smaller companies as well.

Like many small businesses, RedPine has developed its own internal systems we utilize as our ERP. It is flexible, powerful and custom built for how we do business. We have helped dozens of companies evaluate the available options on the market, compare it with the prospect of building their own and manage the entire process of implementation.

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